EUG Parade

  • Monroe Park Eugene, OR

Eugene Has a New Parade, and It's EUG!

The EUG Parade will hit the streets on Sunday, July 30 beginning at 10:30 a.m. at Monroe Park. The Parade, which is really two parades in one – an animal-friendly mosey followed by a human-powered parade will proceed down Broadway and turn north onto Oak Street, to ending at the Park Blocks in Downtown Eugene. The EUG Parade, organized by the City of Eugene and Eugene Sunday Streets in partnership with ePark Eugene, combines the best of Eugene Sunday Streets with the best of the Eugene Celebration Parade of days gone by.

On April 7, applications will be available online for parade entries from the Eugene community that are human-powered – non-motorized— and fit the theme of “Look Up!”  A Pet Parade will lead off The EUG Parade: dogs, cats, snakes, chickens, rabbits, and well trained salamanders and humans of all ages are all welcome!