Q: Where is Northwest Dog Project (NWDP) located?

A: Our unique, barn-boutique like facility sits on a peaceful 20+ acres of forest land on the outskirts of Eugene, OR, complete with cabin like kennels, an outdoor training yard and beautiful hiking trails. 

Q: When can I see available dogs at NWDP?

A: For the safety of our dogs and staff, all meet and greets and adoptions are by appointment only. 

Q: Are you a no kill shelter?

A: Yes.  

Q: Where do your dogs come from?

A: A large percentage of our dogs are rescued from high-kill shelters in the Los Angeles area, where they are at risk of being euthanized. We also take in local owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis.   

Q: I need to re-home my dog.  Can you help?

A: Possibly! We are happy to help families in need provided that the dog meets our intake criteria and if space is available. If we do not have space, but your dog meets our criteria, we are typically happy to help spread the word and add your dog to our waitlist. 

Q: Does NWDP accept donations?

A: Absolutely, and we are dependent on them! As a non-profit we are always in need of your support to ensure our doors stay open and our dogs receive the best care possible. Please see our "DONATE" tab for more information. 


Q: How do I adopt a dog?

A: The first step in the process is to fill out our adoption application which you can find under the "ADOPTIONS" tab. Once we receive and process your application, given that it was approved, we will email you to setup an appointment for a meet and greet with any of the dogs in our program who seem like a good match. If you have other dogs in the home, we will require you to bring them to this meet and greet, as well as all members of the household. The meet and greet will consist of spending time with the potential dog(s); a conversation to discuss your family's needs, preferences, daily schedule etc.; and any dog introductions that need to take place. If sparks fly and you meet a dog you fall in love with, our staff will set a date for a home-check (unless this has previously been arranged) and the foster to adopt trial will begin at that time.

Q: Do you adopt outside of Oregon?

A: This is something we address on a case-by-case basis given the particular dog(s) needs.

Q: How much does it cost to adopt?

A: Our adoption fees are directly linked to our cost to care for our dogs and operate our shelter. Our standard adoption fees are $250 for adult & senior dogs and $375 for puppies. This includes the dogs spay/neuter, microchip, age appropriate vaccines, deworming and flea treatment. Please note adoptions fees may vary from this at times, please feel free to contact us to learn more about a specific dogs adoption fee. 

 *Adoption fees must be paid by check or cash.

Q: If the dog I like is adopted, will you help me find a different dog?

A:  Absolutely! We will help approved adopters find the right match. If we do not have a dog in our program that fits your household we are happy to keep your application on file for future dogs, no need to reapply or restart the process.

Q: Can you guarantee a dog’s breed?

A: No, we cannot guarantee a dog's breed. Many dogs end up in shelters because they are strays, and many more are turned in by their owners who don't know or don't share their dogs history. Even when we know a puppy's mom, this is only half of the mix. The best we can do is work with our vet to make an educated guess based on the dogs appearance and temperament.

Q: Can you guarantee the size a puppy will become?

A: No, because we typically do not know either of the puppy's parents and we have no idea what lies in their genetics. We try to make our best educated guess based on the puppy's size, age and assumed breed. 

Q: What if my adopted dog is having trouble?

A: Please contact our Directors ASAP -  the sooner the better! Small problems that start early-on become big problems if they are not addressed. Our staff and volunteers have years of experience with all sorts of behaviors and have likely faced the issues you're dealing with at one point or another. We also have some excellent professionals we can refer you to. We are always here as a support system so never hesitate to reach out.

Q: What if I cannot keep my adopted dog?

A: We offer a lifetime of support to our dogs and adopters. If for any reason you are unable to keep your adopted dog please let us know as soon as possible so we can begin the process of taking them back. But please remember, our team is here for you before that decision is made. If you're having issues, no matter how small they may seem, let us know before they become big issues so we can work with you or direct you to a trainer that may be able to help your family work through them.