If you’ve been looking for a way to regularly support our rescue dogs and help make transformations like these possible, THIS IS IT! Even just $1 a month will make a HUGE difference.

How Does Your Patronage Help Northwest Dog Project?

  • This provides us with an ongoing income for the costs of spay/neuters, microchipping, age appropriate vaccines, deworming, flea treatment and each dog’s extensive quality care while at our rescue/in foster.

  • Beyond the general care above, we often have additional medical bills averaging from $3000-$4000 a month related to the dogs we take in who have unique and challenging medical issues. Your patronage is critical for this piece.

  • General funds limit us to caring for an intimate group of dogs on our property. We always intend to keep our quality over quantity model, but when we do have extra funds we can save extra dogs who would otherwise not make it out of shelters alive. That’s the reality.

  • It helps us maintain high quality diets, enrichment activities and toys, day trips to the beach, plushy beds, blankets and furniture and special training sessions.

  • Part of our vision is to reach the masses with pet overpopulation prevention tactics and support. Your patronage helps us leverage educational outreach projects and allows us to connect to our community to create critical partnerships.